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SunGuard: Foldable Car Windshield Umbrella for Summer Protection

SunGuard: Foldable Car Windshield Umbrella for Summer Protection

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Foldable Car Windshield Umbrella for Summer Protection


Color: Black+Silver
Pull Ring:
Size S: 130*74CM
Size M: 140*79.5CM
Size L: 150*81.5CM
Size S: 120*60CM
Size L: 145*78CM

Material: Polyester, Aviation Aluminum
Feature: Heat Insulation

Why Choose the Pull Ring Type:

Premium Material

The car windshield umbrella coated with titanium silver glue has exceptional heat insulation and UV reflective ability, provides impeccable car Interior protection. The 10-rib reinforced skeleton is composed of rustproof aviation aluminum, light in weight and high in strength, ensures superior longevity and durability!

Fits for Most Vehicles


Car sunshades auto accessories come in 2 different size variants that will fit right into most Compact Car, Sedan, SUV, MPV, Minivan, Pickup Truck and more. To ensure perfect windshield coverage, please measure your windshield to make sure it matches before purchasing.

Protect Car Interiors and Yourself

Features UPF 50+ reflective composite materials and heat reduction technology, our car sunshade can effectively reflect intense heat and block 99% harmful UV rays, protect your car interiors against aging and cracking, provide a cool driving environment and protect your privacy.

Scratch Resistant Design

Upgraded car windshield sunshade umbrella is designed to protect your car interior without scratching car dashboard. Unlike other car umbrella with long metal shafts that may scratch your car and burn your hands, our innovative car sunshade umbrella combines short shafts, soft drawstring and pull ring to avoid scratching your car again and prevent your hands from getting burned by a hot metal shaft.

1. Circle pull ring --- easy to use.
2. Wrapped umbrella bead --- protect car from scratches.
3. Durable nylon --- hard to be tear off.
4. Ten-strand umbrella rack --- more stable support.

New Version Pull Ring

1. Size S: 130*74CM
Fit for Compact car, hatchback or other small car.

2. Size M: 140*79.5CM
Fit for Sedan, SUV, etc.

3. Size L: 150*81.5CM
Fit for MPV, truck, etc.

Handle Type

1. Size S: 120*60CM
Fit for Compact car, hatchback or other small car.

2. Size M: 145*78CM
Fit for Sedan, SUV, MPV, truck, etc.