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FoamGlide AutoCare: Rotary Reach Car Wash Brush

FoamGlide AutoCare: Rotary Reach Car Wash Brush

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🚗 Introducing the AquaSwirl 360 Car Wash Mop - Your Ultimate Solution for Effortless Vehicle Cleaning! 🧼


  • 🔄 Automaticly Rotate: 360-degree rotation powered by water pressure, no electricity needed.
  • 💦 High-pressure Washing: Easily remove the brush head to increase hydraulic pressure for thorough cleaning.
  • 🚫 No Scratches: Soft chenille brush and bristles ensure a deep clean without scratching your vehicle's finish.
  • 🌟 Widely Use: Suitable for cleaning vehicles, boats, windows, glass, and more, doubling as a garden sprinkling tool.
  • 🛁 Automatic Foaming: Equipped with a 250ml transparent solvent pot for automatic foaming and efficient cleaning.


  • Name: AquaSwirl 360 Car Wash Mop
  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: 100cm/39.37inch
  • Material: Chenille, ABS
  • Weight: 920g
  • Packaging: Cowhide box
  • Package Size: 192911cm/7.4811.424.33in
  • Quality: Fits tap outer diameters of 16-18mm/0.63-0.71in

Package Includes:

  • 2 Middle Link Poles
  • 1 Chenille Fluff Brush
  • 2 Faucet Connectors
  • 1 Multi-Function Connector
  • 1 Water Inlet and Outlet Switch Connector

Upgrade your car cleaning routine with the AquaSwirl 360 Car Wash Mop and enjoy hassle-free, scratch-free cleaning every time! 🚿✨

Display of water outlet effect of brush head
Automatic foaming/Smooth water

Chenille velvet
Firm, soft, durable and wear-resistant
The inner ring is made of careful snow melting, combined with the slightly strong bristles of the outer ring. With a gentle brush, the stains will disappear. It is easier to wash the car without damaging the paint.
Brush about 5cm
About 1cm in diameter

Multiple scenes
Make cleaning a pleasure
Experience high pressure, efficiency and convenience
Whether it's the muddy car body or the courtyard after the rain, it can show its skills wherever you can see.
Washing motorcycle / Baby washing car / Plant vegetables and water flowers

Three core functions
Make washing / washing / brushing more convenient and efficient
01. Automatic rotation / rotation without power and water
02. Spray the foam / put the lotion into the box to automatically foam.
03. High pressure flushing / removing the brush head can boost the hydraulic pressure

Transparent solvent pot
Automatic foaming and water outlet
250ml transparent solvent pot is made of new PE blow molding. It is environment-friendly, acid and alkali resistant. It can be used with cleaning agent, washing solution and soap water.

Comfortable handle
Comfortable grip and anti slip handle
The anti-skid handle in line with ergonomic design fits the hand shape without tiring the hand
Rotary disassembly
Two movable connecting rods are provided as standard

Strong water pressure
With water gun function
Strong water pressure and pressure accumulation design make the water gun more powerful. After the water gun is pressurized, the range can reach 6 ~ 8m

Universal joint
Multifunctional connector
Alloy joint, properly installed to ensure no leakage
Multifunctional joint 14-20mm
Usage: loosen the screw buckle of the multi-functional joint and connect it with the water pipe, tighten the screw buckle to prevent water leakage, and then connect the water pipe.
The multifunctional connector is applicable to the following faucets

washing machine tap
You need to remove the original outlet nozzle of the washing machine connector first

You can choose from three gears
The gear of water can be changed according to your different needs for the impact force of water

Water inlet and outlet switch
Connect the water pipe, turn it by 90 ° with a slight twist, turn it on when necessary, turn off the switch when not necessary, and the water outlet is smooth.

Product display:
Chenille hair brush
PP hair brush
Foaming cleaning agent box
Position switch
Middle link pole( removable )
Middle link pole ( removable )
Water flow switch