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Jumping Activation Ball

Jumping Activation Ball

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"Introducing the Jumping Activation Ball: Your Pet's Ultimate Playtime Companion!

Elevate your furry friend's playtime to new heights with our Jumping Activation Ball! Made from food-grade thermoplastic rubber, this toy ensures safe and durable fun for your pet, standing up to even the most vigorous play sessions.

With its vibrant colors and attractive design, the Jumping Activation Ball adds a splash of excitement to every playtime session. Watch as your dog joyfully chases this LED ball, bouncing, vibrating, and wiggling across the floor while playing music and flashing lights!

Not only does this interactive toy provide endless entertainment, but it also promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for your pet. Strengthen the bond with your furry companion and create unforgettable moments of joy together.

Don't let your pet miss out on the fun - order the Jumping Activation Ball today and let the good times roll!"

Material: plastic + rubber
Power supply: 4*AA batteries
Size: as the picture shows
Function: sound + light + jumping


Package Includes: 
1 x Jumping Activation Ball